Astrology is the language of time, and, therefore, of everything that bonds with time. Since one’s astral chart does not distinguish between our self from the world, Astrology becomes a way to read the map that we are and that we get to live.

Thought in this way, Astrology is a language through which to arrive at words that we know but that we cannot think of; it is also a temporal practice of becoming strangers to ourselves and to be able to discover ourselves.

Above all, Astrology does not offer a horizon of interpretation for our life’s events. On the contrary, it’s an invitation to — not a determination of — our own ownership and appropriation, so that we can become what we are and not what we were told we should be.

Translation: Manuela Borzone.


Astrology can be understood as a technique for prediction, however today we prefer to think about it as a tool for self knowledge.

For this you will find different options: to read your natal chart, to know your solar return, to have your own mythology or maybe just to ask a specific question. Perhaps all of the above!. None of this options is better than the other one, just trust on what you feel.


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